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Transboundary Assessment of the Effect of Climate Change on River Meuse: Flood Wave Selection for Hydraulic Modelling from Ampsin (B) to Maaseik (NL)

Author(s): Dewals Benjamin; Detrembleur Sylvain; Becker Bernhard; Moeskops Stoffel; Erpicum Sebastien; De Keizer Otto; Vanneuville Wouter; Buiteveld Hendrik; Pirotton Michel; Archambeau Pierre

Linked Author(s): Sébastien Erpicum, Benjamin J. Dewals

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Abstract: This paper addresses high resolution inundation modelling in a transboundary context. In particular, flood wave propagation and inundation characteristics are simulated over a stretch of almost 100 km of river Meuse across the Belgian-Dutch border, using 2D fully dynamic modelling. This transboundary hydraulic simulation requires inflow hydrographs to be prescribed as upstream boundary conditions. However, existing procedures for generating flood wave hydrographs differ between the concerned regions. Therefore, we review the main characteristics of the existing regional procedures and compare the resulting synthetic hydrographs. Besides, transnational hydrological scenarios have been developed to investigate the impact of climate change on flood risk along river Meuse in both countries.


Year: 2012

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