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Cavitation Cloud Erosion Model-Cloud Sample Experimental Tests

Author(s): Franz Geiger; Richard Huber; Peter Rutschmann

Linked Author(s): Richard Huber, Peter Rutschmann

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Abstract: Hydrodynamic cavitation erosion remains insufficiently understood and hardly predictable. A new innovative and promising cavitation erosion model has been tested and was so far found valid. It creates a correlation between the erosion rate and the cavitation cloud fluctuations for the case of transient cloud cavitation. A measurement technique has been developed, which acquires time resolved images of the cavitation clouds and deduces a gauge for the cloud extension. The analysis of the cloud fluctuations for different cavitation numbers and constant velocity revealed a maximum for a certain cavitation number. This corresponds to the maximum aggressiveness of the cavitation erosion at this range of the cavitation number. Planned tests with continuous time resolved image acquisition and analysis may furthermore confirm the model approach concerning the velocity scale effect.


Year: 2012

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