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Deposition from Particle-Laden, Turbulent, Round Buoyant Jets

Author(s): Cuthbertson Alan; Davies Peter

Linked Author(s): Peter A. Davies, Alan J S Cuthbertson

Keywords: Buoyant jets; Sedimentation; Turbulence; Wastewater discharges

Abstract: Laboratory experiments have been conducted to investigate (i) the behaviour of particleladen, turbulent, round buoyant jets discharged horizontally into stationary and co-flowing ambient fluid and (ii) the resulting patterns of particle accumulation at the channel bed. For the volumetric concentrations tested (~0. 1% ), the particle load had no significant influence on jet trajectories. Patterns of particle accumulation on the channel bed exhibited two distinct deposition regions, namely (i) a narrow band associated with near-source fall-out from the buoyant jet margins and (ii) a diffuse zone associated with fall-out from the radiallyexpanding surface gravity current. Scaling arguments were applied successfully to deposition length scales associated with these accumulation patterns, allowing both the quantitative characteristics of the deposits and their parametric dependences to be established.


Year: 2007

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