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Hydraulic Characteristics of Partial Opening Of

Author(s): Wu Jianhua; Feng Shurong

Linked Author(s): Jianhua Wu

Keywords: Partial opening; Hydraulic characteristics; Gate; Discharge tunnel; Longtan Hydropower Station

Abstract: The partial opening of the working gate for a discharge tunnel is operated more and more widely in the various conditions, such as releasing discharges to meet the needs of the various stages under constructions, and of the operations at low reservoir levels. In the present article, the physical model was designed according to the criterion of gravity similarity on the basis of scale 1/30 model of the bottom discharge tunnel for the Longtan Hydropower Station. The hydraulic characteristics were investigated of the partial opening of the working gate, including the discharge coefficient, the surface profile of the free flow section, the bottom pressure distribution of the tunnel, the cavity length just from the ramp, and the wall pressure of the curve section of the outlet. Some new problems were discussed and the interesting conclusions were drawn of the partial opening of the gate.


Year: 2007

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