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3-D Large Eddy Simulation of Open-Channel Flows with Vegetated Canopy

Author(s): Michio Sanjou; Iehisa Nezu; Taka-Aki Okamoto

Linked Author(s): Michio Sanjou

Keywords: Vegetation canopy; Open-channel flow; Turbulence; LES

Abstract: In actual rivers, many aquatic plants are often observed and they have significant effects on hydrodynamic properties. In such vegetated open-channel flows, velocity profiles are largely changed in the vertical and spanwise directions. The vegetated canopies generate coherent turbulent motions that promote momentum and mass transports. Therefore, it is of essential importance to reveal these turbulence characteristics and coherent motions in hydraulic engineering and river environment. In the present study, a large eddy simulation (LES) was conducted in vegetated openchannel flows, and the turbulent structure and correlation properties were revealed numerically in the whole flow depth region including the within- and above-canopy layers.


Year: 2007

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