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Experimental Study on Merging Buoyant Jets in Stagnant Ambient

Author(s): Siwan Lyu; Il Won Seo; Yong Do Kim

Linked Author(s): Il Won Seo

Keywords: Buoyant jet; Merging transition; Flapping motion; Strouhal Number

Abstract: The behavior of merging buoyant jets discharged from uni-directional diffuser was examined. Laboratory experiments have been performed to investigate the merging process and an integral model was developed. The behaviors predicted by the model are compared to the experimental results of merging buoyant jets. From the experiments, the flapping motion has been observed in the merging transition. The average onsets of flapping motions have been observed at b/ps ≈ 0. 4 in this study. This location of onset of flapping motion is placed at the initial stage of merging transition. The Strouhal number varies and converges to a constant value of plane flow. The merging transition, proposed in this study of b/ps = 0. 3 to 1. 2, can be considered to be appropriate for describing the merging process. Comparison of model performances reveals that the proposed model presents good performance for simulating the behaviors of merging buoyant jets.


Year: 2007

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