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Turbulent Flow in Open Channels with Submerged Vegetation

Author(s): Keramaris Evangelos; Prinos Panayotis

Linked Author(s): Panagiotis Prinos

Keywords: Turbulent flow; Flexible submerged vegetation

Abstract: In this study the characteristics of turbulent flow in an open channel with submerged vegetation are studied experimentally. Experiments were carried out, with two types of grass like vegetation of different densities and different heights (hveg = 2 cm and hveg = 6 cm). Velocities are measured above the vegetation and for H/hveg (H=total flow depth) varying from 1. 65 to 5. 8. Results are compared with the logarithmic distribution proposed by Stephan and Gutknecht (2002) and show a reasonable agreement. Finally, a comparison of the discharge capacity of vegetated channels with channels without vegetation showed that the former is highly reduced (up to 80 % for low H/hveg) for the conditions examined. Key-Words: Turbulent flow, Flexible submerged vegetation


Year: 2007

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