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Spatial and Temporal Scour Features of Circular Bridge Piers

Author(s): Jens Unger; Willi H. Hager

Linked Author(s): Willi H. Hager, Jens Unger

Keywords: Bridge hydraulics; Coanda effect; Flow characteristics; Particle-Image-Velocimetry; River engineering; Scour

Abstract: The internal flow features in a scour hole due to pier scour are explored using Particle- Image-Velocimetry PIV. In contrast to present experimentation with either the Hydrogen- Bubble Method or the Acoustic-Doppler Velocimeter, PIV allows to record instantaneous plane velocity fields. The spatial appreciation of such a flow pattern may be obtained by successive PIV application both in the horizontal and in the vertical directions. The present preliminary results introduce the experimental set-up used and the results obtained for one test case. Page limitations do not allow a full appreciation of the results, such as the temporal advance of scour hole geometry along with the complex sediment deposition pattern further downstream. A full description of the present research will thus be presented in a later publication.


Year: 2005

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