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Study on Trends of Fish Resources in the Tonle Sap Basin-Their Corelation with Hydrological Conditions of Mekong River

Author(s): Pech Sokhem; Kengo Sunada; Satoru Oishi; Naoki Miyazawa; Daisuke Tanaka

Linked Author(s): Naoki Miyazawa, Kengo Sunada, Satoru Oishi

Keywords: Tonle Sap basin; Mekong River basin; Fish production; Ecological model

Abstract: The study uses a simple ecosystem model to grasp the relationship between the change in inundated areas (water level and flood extend) and the level of fish production in the Tonle Sap Basin (TSB). The model produces the fish production trends in the TSB that can be refined to reflect the changes in key parameters such as flood extends and relative area density. It reconfirms the importance of the hydrological and biological linkages between the TSB and the Mekong River Basin, since over 60% of the fish catch in the TSB is contributed by the white fish (opportunist and non-opportunist) that migrates from the other parts of the Mekong River. It is a typical issue requiring a cross-sectoral and cross-boundary integrated planning and development.


Year: 2005

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