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Estimation of Transverse Dispersion Coefficient Based on Secondary Flow in Sinuous Channel

Author(s): Kyong Oh Baek; Il Won Seo

Linked Author(s): Il Won Seo

Keywords: Transverse mixing; Sinuous channel; Dispersion coefficient; Secondary flow

Abstract: In the case of unknown concentration data, the transverse dispersion coefficient should be predicted using the basic hydraulic data to analyze mixing characteristics. Especially, the secondary flow plays an important role on the increase of transverse mixing in sinuous channels, and so, the transverse dispersion coefficient must be predicted accounting for the vertical variation of transverse velocity. In this study, based on the vertical distribution equation for the transverse velocity proposed by Kikkawa et al. (1976), the theoretical formula for the transverse dispersion coefficient was newly developed using the theoretical methodology proposed by Fischer (1969). In order to verify the theoretical prediction of the transverse dispersion coefficient, both flow and tracer experiments were conducted in the S- curved laboratory channel. The results of prediction on the transverse dispersion coefficient using the newly proposed theoretical equation showed better agreement with the observed transverse dispersion coefficient compared to other exiting equations.


Year: 2005

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