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Verification Experiment on Effect of Litter Layer on Water Storage

Author(s): S. Kawagoe; S. Kazama; M. Sawamoto

Linked Author(s): So Kazama

Keywords: Litter layer; Infiltration experiment; Hydrograph; Richards equation; Soil hysteresis

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to understand the effect of different litter layer on water storage, which is interpreted by runoff measurement with the experimental system modeling for geomorphic condition. Litter layer increases the water storage effect as slope angle increases. Broadleaf and laurel have larger storage capacity than acicular. Moreover, the experiment result was reproduced by the infiltration analysis, and the water storage effect was expressed as quantitative value. Richards equation with soil hysteresis was applied for infiltration analysis for reproducibility. The introduction of soil hysteresis was judged to be significant from careful reading of hydrograph and the total discharge. The verification by the infiltration analysis shows hydraulic conductivity of litter layer. The vertical hydraulic conductivity of litter layer is expressed in the half permeable of the soil.


Year: 2005

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