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Model and Its Applications of Effects of Hydropower Project Construction on Ecological Environment Based on Ecological Footprint

Author(s): Wu Jianhua; Shang Yuming; Li Zantang; Ruan Shiping; Luo Chao

Linked Author(s): Jianhua Wu

Keywords: Hydropower project; Construction; Ecological environment; Ecological footprint

Abstract: Hydropower projects play an important part in the national economy and the society development by flood control, generating electricity, water supply, ship and tour, and so on. However, many issues, such as effects of hydropower project on ecological environment, compositive estimation of ecological environment as well as technology and economy, approach of improving ecological environment by hydropower project, establishment of eco- water resources, and the like, have been paid good attention to. It is in the feasibility periods, reports/tables of environment effects must be conducted in order to estimate effects of hydropower projects on environment. But present estimating approaches still have some shortcomings. Where constructions of hydropower project was concerned, in this paper ecological footprint theory was firstly introduced in hydropower project areas, the ecological footprint concept and model of hydropower project construction (EFHPC) were developed and applied in the dam construction for the Xixiayuan Project. The results shown that EFHPC is a effective approach to estimate effects of hydropower project construction on ecological environment and to compare various plans, and that the ecological footprints were very different for various dam types and various constructing plans. Based on dam construction for the Xixiayuan Project, constructing plans were very important to decrease constructing ecological footprints.


Year: 2005

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