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Spurs in River Engineering-a Preliminary Study

Author(s): Corrado Gisonni; Willi H. Hager; Jens Unger

Linked Author(s): Willi H. Hager, Jens Unger, Corrado Gisonni

Keywords: Bank protection; Groyne; Hydraulics; River training; Scour; Spur

Abstract: Spurs are river engineering elements used to protect river banks from erosion and to concentrate flow to the river axis. Today, spurs are also employed for promoting environmental conditions along a river bank. These elements are characterized by a large variety of geometrical parameters, of which none is fixed. This preliminary study thus would like to identify optimum spur arrangements in a straight river thereby fixing the granulometry and restricting mainly to the clear-water flow regime. The results of the study indicate that the first spurs need additional protection by a suitable riprap to promote nearly uniform scour conditions along the entire spur region. This research is exploratory with photographs describing the essential flow features.


Year: 2005

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