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Development of Multi-Layer Laser-Scanning PIV and Applications to Hydraulic Engineering

Author(s): Iehisa Nezu; Michio Sanjou; Atsushi Kamiya

Linked Author(s): Michio Sanjou

Keywords: Mu5lti-layer scanning PIV; 3-D flow visualization measurements; New flow device

Abstract: A multi-layer scanning 3-D PIV system was developed, in which different elevated laser light sheets were projected into the water flume almost simultaneously using a specially- designed rotation instrument. This multi-layer scanning PIV system is able to measure instantaneous velocity components in all three dimensional volumes at the same time. Furthermore, the other perpendicular velocity component can also be evaluated by using the continuity equation from the velocity components in a picture. The present PIV system was applied to an open-channel flow over a mound bed with rising and falling slope sections, in which an upward flow is generated due to change of channel geometry. In order to examine the accuracy of this sheet-scanning PIV method, these PIV results were compared with the data measured by a laser Doppler anemometer (LDA), and it was recognized that the measured data of the present PIV was in good agreement with LDA data.


Year: 2005

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