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Supercritical Turbulent Free-Surface Flow over a Semicircular Obstacle

Author(s): Evan Koutandos; Panayotis Prinos

Linked Author(s): Panagiotis Prinos

Keywords: Supercritical flow; Turbulence; Reynolds Stress Model; Volume of Fluid method

Abstract: In the present study supercritical, free-surface turbulent flow over an obstacle of semicircular section is studied numerically and experimentally. Both upstream and downstream of the obstacle the flow is supercritical, while significant free surface and streamlines curvature are observed before over and after the obstacle, depending on the Froude number. The numerical simulation is achieved through solving the Reynolds (RANS) equations together with the VOF method for the tracking of the free surface and the RSM turbulence model. A comparison of numerical and experimental free surface variation is presented, for four different Fr numbers, while numerical results reveal the flow field and some basic characteristics of turbulence structure.


Year: 2005

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