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Velocity Distribution and Secondary Currents in Meandering Compound Open-Channel Flow with Floodplains

Author(s): Iehisa Nezu; Michio Sanjou; Tomonori Doi; Hoang Duc Quang

Linked Author(s): Michio Sanjou

Keywords: Meandering compound channel; 3-D velocity measurements; Secondary currents

Abstract: The object of the present study is to reveal fundamental hydrodynamic characteristics in a meandering compound open-channel flow with floodplains. This complex flow consists of a meandering main-channel flow and the associated straight floodplain flows, and thus the significant interactions are observed between the main-channel and floodplains. It is therefore very important to investigate the flow structure in the meandering compound channels, because such interactions promote the generation of velocity shear and the development of secondary currents. In particular, it is inferred strongly that the distributions of velocity components and the bed-shear stress vary significantly in the transition region from the straight to meandering channels. Therefore, we highlighted a transition region from the straight to the meandering compound free-surface flows, and the detailed velocity measurements were conducted by using 3-D electromagnetic velocimetry. As the results, the hydrodynamic properties of the bed-shear stress, streamwise velocity component and secondary currents were examined in the straight to meandering compound open-channel flows.


Year: 2005

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