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Large Scale 2D Numerical Modeling of Reservoir Sedimentation and Flushing Operations

Author(s): Benjamin J. Dewals; Sebastien Erpicum; Pierre Archambeau; Sylvain Detrembleur; Catherine Fraikin; Michel Pirotton

Linked Author(s): Sébastien Erpicum, Benjamin J. Dewals

Keywords: Numerical model; Finite volume; Silting; Flushing; Bank failure; Upwind scheme; Sediment

Abstract: The quasi-3D flow solver WOLF has been developed at the University of Liege for almost a decade. It has been used to carry out the simulation of silting processes in large reservoirs and to predict the efficiency of flushing operations. Besides briefly depicting the mathematical and numerical model, the present paper demonstrates its applicability on the case of a large hydropower project in India. The silting process of the reservoir has been simulated by means of the quasi-3D flow model with a quasi-steady approach. For simulating flushing events, both the topography changes and their interactions with the flow have been carefully handled in a strongly coupled approach. This narrow coupling has required the development of a suitable upwind numerical scheme. Results are presented with 2D-and 3D-views, completed by cross-sections and curves of the variation of key variables. The numerous observations based on those results lead to a global assessment of the silting mechanism and of the flushing efficiency.


Year: 2004

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