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Formation of a Terrace in the Curved Channel Widened by Implementation on the Hinuma River

Author(s): Katsura Hirabayashi; Kengo Sunada; Satoru Oishi; Naoki Miyazawa

Linked Author(s): Kengo Sunada, Satoru Oishi, Naoki Miyazawa

Keywords: Point bar; Sedimentation; Vegetation; Curved channel; 2-D numerical Simulation

Abstract: Accretion of the point bar at a widened curve on the Hinuma River was observed from 1990 to1997 by cross sectioning conducted after main floods. The elevation had reached to that of neighboring terrace at the end of surveying. From the investigation, the authors recognized that springing of vegetation on the point bar triggered the accretion. A numerical simulation lent credence to the hypothesis. And the simulation suggested that advection of suspended load was the most important factor for the simulation of local depositions such as the accretion of a point bar.


Year: 2004

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