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Study on the Influence of Different Operational Modes of the Sanmenxia Reservoir on the Tongguan Elevation Using a 1D Mathematical Model

Author(s): Junqiang Xia; Guangqian Wang; Baosheng Wu

Linked Author(s): Junqiang Xia, Guangqian Wang

Keywords: Sanmenxia Reservoir; Tongguan elevation; Operational mode; Sediment transport model; Weihe River

Abstract: The Tongguan elevation rises gradually and remains above 328.0m, which influences greatly the flood control of the Lower Weihe River. In this paper, a 1D sediment transport model was developed. Then the model was calibrated and verified by the observed data of the fluvial processes in the Sanmenxia Reservoir region. Verified results indicate that the calculated processes of bed deformation and Tongguan elevation variation agreed with the observed data in general. Finally, the model was employed to predict the fluvial processes of the reservoir region under different operational modes and different hydrological sequences. Simulated results indicate that the Tongguan elevation can be lowered by 0.3 to 1.5 m for different operational schemes, and that both inflowing water-sediment discharges and operational modes of the reservoir influence the rising or falling of the Tongguan elevation.


Year: 2004

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