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Numerical investigation of the behaviour of jets in a wave environment

Author(s): Stefano Sibilla; Michele Mossa; Diana De Padova

Linked Author(s): Michele Mossa

Keywords: Jets; Jet–wave interaction; Physical modelling; Smoothed particle hydrodynamics models; Wave

Abstract: This paper presents the application of a weakly compressible smoothed particle hydrodynamics model to study plane jets propagating into a still ambient and into a flow field of regular waves. The present study includes a comparative investigation of the main fluid mechanics characteristics in cases of jet discharged either in still water or transversally to regular wave trains characterized by different periods. Concerning jets in a wave environment, the present study shows the existence of the following three different regions of the jet-wave field starting from the nozzle in the intermediate water: the nearest region to the nozzle where the jet motion dominates the wave motion; the intermediate region, where the horizontal velocity component of wave motion dominates the jet centreline velocity decay; and the nearest region to the free surface where the wave period dominates the jet motion. The present study shows the differences found numerically between each flow region.


Year: 2020

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