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Statistical analysis methods for transient flows – the dam-break case

Author(s): Hubert Chanson

Linked Author(s): Hubert Chanson

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Abstract: The Authors developed an interesting discussion on measurements in highly-unsteady transient free-surface flows. Using the dam break wave propagation on a dry bed as an example, they discussed the differences between three experimental approaches, namely single experiment, Fourier component method, sometimes called variable interval time average (VITA) method, and ensemble-averaging approach. All these approaches were previously tested for transient flow properties of breaking surges (Figure D1) by Chanson and Docherty (2012), plus the ensemble-statistics of Fourier component data. Further discussions were developed with relevance to transient sediment transport and turbulent integral scales (Khzeri & Chanson, 2015; Leng & Chanson, 2017a). In this discussion paper, the experience in transient flow measurements in surges is reviewed and a critical discussion on the suitability to laboratory and field data analyses is developed.


Year: 2020

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