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Ice Transport in Grasse Island Pool of the Niagara Power Project

Author(s): Fengbin Huang; Hung Tao Shen; Ian Knack

Linked Author(s): Hung Tao Shen, Ian Knack

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Abstract: This paper presents a numerical model study on ice flow in the Grass Island Pool (GIP) of the upper Niagara River. The objective of the study is to evaluate the causes and solution alternatives for minimizing the occurrences of ice stoppages that periodically develop at the Niagara Power Project intakes and at the downstream end of the Project's ice flushing channel. The primary focus of this study is to examine the influence of sediment or debris encroachment of the iceflushing channel of the river on increased instances of ice stoppage; illustrate the benefit of sediment or debris removal by dredging the ice-flushing channel to its original configuration; evaluate the potential for reducing ice stoppages at the intakes by modifying the operations of the power intakes; and changing control gates within the International Niagara Control Works at the downstream end of the upper Niagara River if needed.


Year: 2014

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