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Breakup Ice Jam Floods in the Lower St. Regis River 2022
Modelling River Ice Breakup and Ice Jam Flooding 2022
On Anchor Ice Evolution and Modelling - with application to Upper Niagara River 2022
Modeling New Ice Formation Under the Influence of Ocean Wave 2020
A numerical model for sediment transport and bed change with river ice 2018
Flow Resistance of Breakup Ice Jams 2018
Modeling Thermodynamic Behavior of Seasonal Ice-Covered Reservoir 2018
Development of Ice Jam Toe Configurations 2016
Effect of Channel Bathymetry on Ice Transport and Accumulation Near the Niagara Power Project Intakes 2016
Factors Contributing to Ice Breakup Events on the Saint John River 2016
Ice Transport and Jamming in Channel Bends 2016
Ice Effects on Bed Changes in Alluvial Channels 2014
Ice Effects on Tsunami Wave Propagation 2014
Ice Transport in Grasse Island Pool of the Niagara Power Project 2014
River Ice: Advances, Issues, and Directions 2014
Sediment Transport Under Ice Cover 2014
Spring Breakup and Ice Jam Dynamics on the Saint John River 2014
River Ice – Process, Theory, and Mathematical Modeling 2013
A Numerical Model Study on St. Marys River Ice Conditions 2012
Modeling Border Ice Formation and Cover Progression in Rivers 2012
River Ice Modeling for Fish Habitat Analysis 2012
Surface Ice Boom Design for Water Diversion from a Channel Bend 2012
A Nested Model for River Ice Dynamics 2010
A Numerical River Ice Model for Elbe River 2010
Ice and Sediment Transport in Channels with In-Stream Channel Restoration Structures 2010
Modeling of Anchor and Aufeis Formation at Sundance Rapids 2010
St. Clair River Ice Jam Dynamics and Possible Effect on Bed Changes 2010
A Numerical Model Study on Ice Boom in a Lake-Harbor System 2008
Dynamics of River Ice Jam Formation 2008
Dynarice Modeling to Assess the Performance of an Ice Control Structure on the Lower Grasse River 2008
Ice Observation and Ice Thickness Modeling on the Grasse River 2003-2007 2008
Numerical Modeling of Ice Retention and Upstream Effects of a Small Hydroelectric Dam on the Grasse River 2008
Numerical Simulation of Ice Conditions on the Nelson River 2008
Parameters for Dynarice 100-Year Return Period Frequency Sensitivity Analysis Simulations 2008
A One-Dimensional Comprehensive River Ice Model 2006
A Trip Through the Life of River Ice - Research Progress and Needs 2006
A Two-Dimensional Comprehensive River Ice Model 2006
Modeling Anchor Ice Growth at Sundance Rapids 2006
Dynamics of Ice Jam Release Surges 2004
Simulation of Flow and Thermal Conditions Downstream of Limestone Generating Station 2004
A Laboratory Study on Freezeup Ice Runs in River Channels 2002
Development of a Comprehensive River Ice Simulation System 2002
Local Scour Around Circular Piers Under Ice Covers 2002
Numerical Simulation of Peace River Ice Conditions 2002
Simulating Ice Passage at Locks Using the Dynarice Model 2002
River Ice Transport Theories: Past, Present, and Future 2000
A Lagrangian Sea Ice Model with Discrete Parcel Method 1998
A Numerical Model for River Ice Jam Evolution 1998
Constitutive Laws for River Ice Dynamics 1998
The Influence of Surface Turbulence on the Formation of Ice Pans 1998
Simulation of Dynamic River Ice Transport and Jamming 1997
A Numerical Study on Ice Transport in the Vicinity of Niagara River Hydropower Intakes 1996
Anchor Ice Formation in Gravel-Bedded Channels 1996
Numerical Simulation of Ice Transport over the Lake Erie-Niagara River Ice Boom 1996
RIVER ICE PROCESSES - State of Research 1996
Simulation and Analysis of Ice Conditions in the Lower Yellow River 1996
A Two-Dimensional Model for Dynamic Ice Transport and Jamming in the Upper Niagara River 1994
Anchor Ice Growth and Frazil Accretion 1994
Numerical Simulation of Ice Jam Progression in the Upper Niagara River 1994
Frazil Jam Evolution and Cover Load Transport 1992
Ice Cover Effects on Fluvial Processes in the Lower Yellow River 1992
Discrete Element Simulations of River Ice Transport 1990
Mathematical Model for Ice Processes in River Networks 1990
A Mathematical Model for River Ice Processes 1988
Dynamic Transport of River Ice 1988
Two-Dimensional Simulation of Ice Cover Formation in a Large River 1986
An Unsteady Flow Model of River Ice Hydraulics 1984
Field Investigation of St. Lawrence River Hanging Ice Dams 1984
Transportation of Ice in Rivers 1981
Wintertime Flow and Ice Conditions in the Upper St. Lawrence River 1981

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