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River Ice: Advances, Issues, and Directions

Author(s): Hung Tao Shen

Linked Author(s): Hung Tao Shen

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Abstract: Important findings on river ice research through the mid-1980s have been summarized in Ashton (1986) and Dochenko (1987). The works of Russian scientists on freeze up processes (see Donchenko 1987) and breakup (e. g. Shulyakovskii 1972), and the ice jam theory of Pariset and Huasser (1961) have provided important impetus for further advances. The establishment of the IAHR Section on Ice Research and Engineering and the International Ice Symposia played a major role in promoting international interest and collaboration on ice research in the last few decades (Frankenstien 2000). During this period, significant advances have been made on understanding the thennal-ice and hydromechanics of rivers associated with ice. These advances include better understandings on frazil dynamics, freeze up ice runs, dynamics of surface jam and undercover frazil jam, breakup mechanics, and computer modeling of river ice processes. While these advances provide major improvements on our ability to manage engineering and environmental problems for rivers in cold regions, these topics have remaining questions which need to be resolved to improve our understanding of river ice processes. In addition to addressing the questions that remain for existing research topics, it is time for us to consider new research fronts on river ice. This presentation will review the major advances on river ice research in the last few decades and discuss those issues which remain to be studied. New and potential areas of research, such as ice processes in small rivers, in extreme cold regions, coastal and estuary ice processes, ecology, and river morphology will also be discussed.


Year: 2014

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