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Laboratory Work on Heat Transfer in Submerged Ice, Theory, Experimental Setup and Results

Author(s): Xiaodong Chen; Knut Hoyland

Linked Author(s): Knut Hoyland

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Abstract: A fresh ice and saline ice (-35℃) were both submerged into a fresh water bath (0.2℃), to study the heat transfer process under a transient condition. The temperature profile was measured by an NTC thermistor string while ice growth was monitored with a camera. The temperature dependent thermal properties lead to different results on ice growth and temperature change. The salt ice grew 2.6 cm (26%) compare to 1.6 cm on fresh ice (16%). On the other hand, there was a slight difference in temperature profiles. Finally, the oceanic flux was calculated from energy conservation equation, and showed that oceanic flux quickly dropped from 280-380W/m and stabilized on about 90 W/m and 10 W/m for saline and fresh ice respectively. The brine migration reduced the bulk salinity, and may have caused an overestimation of the oceanic flux for the saline ice. Therefore, to obtain a reliable oceanic flux, it is necessary to consider salinity variation during the melting process.


Year: 2016

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