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Effect of Channel Bathymetry on Ice Transport and Accumulation Near the Niagara Power Project Intakes

Author(s): Fengbin Huang; Hung Tao Shen; Charles Baker; Peter Kowalski

Linked Author(s): Hung Tao Shen

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Abstract: The intakes of the Niagara Power project are located in the Grass Island Pool (GIP) at the downstream end of the Upper Niagara River. Periodical ice stoppages occurrence at the Niagara Power Project Intakes during lake ice runs can affect the operation of the Power project. The ice stoppage may also lead to ice jamming in the Niagara River during severe lake ice runs. The flow in the GIP is complicated due to the inflows from channel branches upstream and, more importantly, the complex channel bathymetry in the vicinity of the Niagara Power Project Intakes. In this study, the influence of channel bathymetry on the ice transport in the vicinity of the power intakes are examined with a two-dimensional river ice dynamics model. The potential of improving the ice transport in the GIP to minimize the ice stoppage potential at the intakes by removing localized debris and spoil accumulations are studied.


Year: 2016

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