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Understanding the Dissolved Oxygen Concentration Under Ice in Lake Valkea-Kotinen (FINLAND): Data Analysis

Author(s): Zhijun Li; Yila Bai; Huiying Li; Lauri Arvola; Matti Lepparanta

Linked Author(s): Li Zhijun

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Abstract: Based on the measured Dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration under ice is an environment parameter in the ecosystem of ice covered water body. This parameter has a lot of different cases following the DO concentration before ice forming, and the oxygen produce and consume resources in the water body. A small Finnish Lake (Valkea-Kotinen) is a kind of lake in anoxia state. Using the measured DO data from the winter of 2010-2011, the evolution of the vertical distributions of DO was analyzed and a representative functional form of the DO profiles was established. The fitting form were considered to use Logistic and Gaussian function forms because the DO consumption under ice increased towards the bottom and kept similar curve style. After comparing, the best one is Gaussian function. In this paper, the data analysis methods and results of mathematical analyses are shown.


Year: 2016

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