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Wave Interaction with an Ice Ridge Embedded in Level Ice

Author(s): Sourav Mandal; Adrian W. -K. Law; Hayley H. Shen

Linked Author(s): Wing Keung, Adrian Law

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Abstract: Wave interaction with an ice ridge trapped within a thin cover of sea ice of substantial extent is studied. The geophysical problem is considered in the three dimensional polar coordinate system in water of finite depth. The ice cover and ice ridge are modelled as thin elastic plate. The effect of ridge draft is considered. The problem is analyzed under the assumptions of small amplitude water wave. Least square approximation method is used along with the matching of velocity and pressure to obtain system of equations for the determination of the unknowns in the expansion formulae. Numerical results on structural deflection are computed and plotted for various ice ridge configurations and wave characteristics. In addition to the obvious problem the study addresses, the finding of the present study can likely aid in the design of offshore cylindrical structure embedded in a sea ice sheet.


Year: 2016

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