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Attenuation of Surface Wave by Viscoelastic Floating Cover: An Experimental Study

Author(s): K. K. Dharma Sree; Adrian W. K. Law; Hayley H. Shen

Linked Author(s): Adrian Wing Keung Law

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Abstract: viscoelastic layer over inviscid water. In the present study, we develop an experimental approach that can enable the verification of the theoretical predictions in the laboratory. The approach utilizes the blended mixture of white oil and polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) material with various mass percentages of a curing agent, to create a floating layer with a range of targeted viscoelastic properties. The rheological results show that the mechanical behavior of the floating cover is close to a Voigt material. With the experimental setup and approach, we first performed experiments over a short PDMS cover to analyze the change in the phase speed of wave with the floating viscoelastic cover. The results have been reported in Sree et al. (Submitted, 2015). In this paper, we describe a study of the wave attenuation over such viscoelastic materials. To detect attenuation, we lengthen the viscoelastic cover to the extent possible in the wave flume. We then use ultrasound sensors to measure the surface elevation at different locations of the cover during the wave motion. Due to the large coverage required for wave flume experiments, special curing procedures are also established for the preparation of PDMS material. The wave attenuation results will be presented at the conference.


Year: 2016

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