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The Relationship Between the Morphologies of Pressure Ridge Sails and Keels in the Northwestern Weddell Sea

Author(s): Bing Tan; Peng Lu; Zhijun Li

Linked Author(s): Zhijun Li, Peng Lu

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Abstract: To investigate the morphology of pressure ridges in the northwestern Weddell Sea, ice surface elevation and draft profiles were measured by a helicopter-borne laser altimeter and EM bird, respectively, during Winter Weddell Outflow Study with the German R/V Polarstern in 2006. The investigated region was divided into three zones combining the geographical location. The mean sail height and keel draft, ratio (T) of the mean keel draft to mean sail height, and slope angles of the ridge sail and keel were analyzed in detail. Statistics reveals that the mean sail height were 0.97m, 1.05m, and 1.08, mean keel draft were 4.96m, 6.44m and 7.80m, the ratio T were 5.10,6. 11 and 7.09, respectively, in the three zones, whereas the slope angles of ridge sail and keel varied unapparent. There was a very high degree of linear relationship between the ratio R and keel draft with a coefficient of 0.93. A power relationship with a relative large coefficient of r=0.68 between sea ice elevation and thickness indicates some potential to derive ice thickness from sea ice elevation. Compared with reported results of Arctic sea ice, the present value of R is smaller.


Year: 2016

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