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The Influence Factors of the Uniaxial Compressive Strength of Natural Freshwater Ice

Author(s): Qingkai Wang; Zhijun Li

Linked Author(s): Qingkai Wang, Zhijun Li

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Abstract: The ice blocks were taken near the Tou Daoguai hydrometric station of the Yellow River in China and processed into uniaxial compressive test samples in 2014. The uniaxial compressive test was conducted in laboratory. Test temperatures were-3°C, -5°C, -7°C, -10°C and-15°C, and strain rate range was 10 s -10 s. There are 250 effective data out of 75 samples for vertical loading direction and 212 samples for horizontal loading direction. Temperature, strain rate, loading direction and river flow direction are taken into consideration. Analysis shows that there is a strain rate effect on uniaxial compressive strength, and a formula to fit strength variation with respect to strain rate is obtained. The study suggests a statistical relationship between strength and temperature as well as strain rate under different failure behaviors. A three-dimensional statistical surface is presented to describe compressive strength variation with temperature and a wide range of strain rate. A logarithmic formula to fit peak strength variation with temperature is obtained, and peak strength of vertical loading direction specimens is higher than that of horizontal loading direction specimens. However, the direction of river flow has no correlation with uniaxial compressive strength.


Year: 2016

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