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A Depth Integrated Model for Calculating Non-Equilibrium Velocity Distribution of Flow Through a Submerged Vegetation Zone

Author(s): Tatsuhiko Uchida; Yoshihisa Kawahara

Linked Author(s): Tatsuhiko Uchida, Yoshihisa Kawahara

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Abstract: A depth integrated model is proposed to calculate the water surface profiles and velocity distributions of flows with submerged vegetation zone. The model is based on the non-hydrostatic depth integrated model combined with the dynamic wall law for the bottom boundary, which has the ability to calculate vertical velocity distribution and nonequilibrium flow near the bed including vortex and roughness layers. The submerged vegetation is taken into account with a roughness layer. The variation in the vertical distribution of streamwise velocity over the submerged vegetation is calculated with the vortex equation. The present model provides good agreement with experimental results on the spatial variations in water level and the vertical distribution of velocity in the entrance region and developed region of the vegetation zone. It is clarified that the non-equilibrium effects have an essential impact on determining the velocity distribution of flows over submerged vegetation.


Year: 2018

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