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Development of a Numerical Simulation Model in an Armored Channel with Gravel Downstream of a Dam

Author(s): Yuta Mizoguchi; Norio Tanaka

Linked Author(s): Norio Tanaka, Yuta Mizoguchi

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Abstract: A quasi three dimensional (Q-3D) model, which divides a vertical layer into a surface and a roughness layer, to estimate bed shear stress was developed for an armored channel downstream of a dam. The results generated from the Q-3D simulation were compared to results from both a depth-averaged two dimensional (2D) simulation and from an analysis of field sampling data, in terms of transported material characteristics. The Q-3D model estimated friction velocity in the armored channel lesser than that of the 2D simulation, by expressing a shielding effect of roughness elements. Therefore, it was presumed that river bed material was likely to be transported as bedload type in the Q-3D simulation result than the 2D one.


Year: 2018

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