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Relationship Between Element Concentration in Edible Part of Corbicula Japonica and Habitat Environment

Author(s): Koji Iwama; So Kazama; Hirokazu Fujiwara

Linked Author(s): So Kazama

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Abstract: Corbicula japonica is one of the most important marine resources in Japan. In this study, I measured element concentration of Corbicula japonica which lives in some lakes in Japan, and considered the relationship between element concentration and habitat environment. In addition, I considered the relationship between elements. These clams were detected 6 elements (Ca, Fe, Mg, Mn, Sr, Zn). Ca is the highest value in constituent elements. Average value of Ca is 4.60mg (per 1g edible part). Sr value of lake Shinji, which is high of salinity, is measured higher than other lakes. Sr value of lake Shinji is 0.66mg (per 1g edible part). Ca and Mg are in correlation (R =0.44). Also, Ca and Sr are in correlation (R =0.67).


Year: 2018

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