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Egeria Densa Density v.s. Light Intensity: Photosynthetic Pigment Response

Author(s): Viraj Prasanna Ranawakage; Senavirathna Mudalige Don Hiranya Jayasanka; Takashi Asaeda

Linked Author(s): Takashi Asaeda

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Abstract: The response of photosynthetic pigments of Egeria densa grown under four light intensities (PAR intensity o300,200,100 and 50umol m s) and three plant densities (2.5, 5, and 10 cm inter plant distance) were studied The results showed that higher light intensities negatively influenced for the plant pigment content and the 100umol m s can be considered as the favorable condition among experimented light intensities. Within each ligh intensity, the pigment content exhibited an increasing trend with the increasing plant density. It is suggesting tha the higher plant densities made mutual shading effect and plants adapt to the condition by increasing photo efficiency. Our research findings suggest that Egeria densa trying to maintain the photosynthesis rate steady by adjusting the photosynthetic pigment content. Further, we suggest that it is an important factor to consider the plant density particularly for laboratory experiments.


Year: 2018

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