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The Dynamic Riparian Vegetation Model for Reproducing the Immobilization of Low Flow Channel and River Bed BAR

Author(s): Koji Ozawa; Tomoki Itayagoshi; Seiji Okamura; Takashi Asaeda

Linked Author(s): Takashi Asaeda

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Abstract: Most rivers in Japan have currently accelerated vegetation growth due to human interventions, e. g., dams and weirs. Such accelerated growth resulted in reduced habitat heterogeneity, gravel riverbed, and flood conveying capacity by increased flood water stages, etc. We developed a numerical model (DRIPVEM) for herbaceousplant and woody succession that integrates soil nutrient and morphological processes, and selected, as a research field, a upper reach of the Sagami River and analyzed realities of immobilization low-flow channel and vegetation river bed bars.


Year: 2018

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