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The Attempt of Quantitative Compering with Environmental Dna and Biomass of Benthic Invertebrates in Japan

Author(s): Noriko Uchida; So Kazama; Kengo Kubota; Shunsuke Aita

Linked Author(s): So Kazama

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Abstract: To know a diversity of benthic invertebrates in freshwater is required to evaluate river environmental health. We try to use eDNA method to monitor benthic invertebrate group’s biomass. For this aim, the series of field sampling of eDNA and quantitative collection of benthic invertebrate was conducted summer to winter in 2016along upper stream to downstream. As a result of observation data, the trends of spatial and seasonal variation of eDNA concentration showed different among different rivers. When use mtDNA CO1 universal primer for detecting invertebrate taxa, eDNA concentrations and biomass of Diptera showed positive correlation although total benthic invertebrate biomass did not show significant correlation. To apply eDNA methods for invertebrate taxonomic monitoring, further improving and developing better universal primer should be required.


Year: 2018

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