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Long Term Riparian Forest Evolution Under a Dam Induced Flow Scheme: Accompanying a Bid of Numerical Modeling Perspective

Author(s): Bhagya Nallaperuma; Takashi Asaeda; Lekkala Vamsi Krishna

Linked Author(s): Takashi Asaeda

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Abstract: River regulation affects downstream riparian vegetation dynamics modifying natural river flow regimes. In this study a typical Japanese riparian corridor, a steep reach was subjected to historical imagery survey covering 60-year of pre and post dam construction phases. The land cover evolutions alone with the riparian forest cover were evaluated in course of time in relation to the corresponding hydrological schemes. It revealed an evident long term forest cover encroachment trend with pro-vegetation evidences of both hydrology and sediment dynamics. Besides, DRIPVEM was employed to demonstrate its applicability in simulation of spatial tree distribution in terms of numerical modeling, under the reference river flow scheme of same case, and it resulted in comparable satisfactory output in visual interpretation.


Year: 2018

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