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Fish Upstream Passage at Hydropower Plants and the Influence of Turbine Operation Conditions on Bypass Findability

Author(s): Franz Geiger; Sebastian Roenneberg; Mathilde Cuchet; Peter Rutschmann

Linked Author(s): Peter Rutschmann

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Abstract: The findability of the fishway entrance is a key issue for an effective fish upstream passage system. Fish swimming behavior is generally influenced by flow distribution and turbulence characteristics. The tailwater flow at hydropower plants is marked by the turbulent draft tube outflow. To assess the influence of turbine related turbulence pattern on fish upstream passage, respective fish behavior investigations were conducted. The results show that the upstream movement was significantly influenced by the turbulence pattern. These behavioral aspects should be considered for the development of efficient upstream passage fishways. Moreover, they could provide time and cost efficient approaches for ecological improvements at existing facilities.


Year: 2018

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