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Hydrogen Peroxide as an Indicator of Environmental Stress Intensity of Aquatic Macrophytes

Author(s): Takashi Asaeda; Jayasanka Senavirathne; Xia Liping; Lekkala Vasmi Krishna; Abner Barnuevo

Linked Author(s): Takashi Asaeda

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Abstract: Plant communities, which are the primary producers of the ecosystem and play a vital role in balancing the ecosystem. In order to protect these communities there is a strong to need to manage and adapt suitable techniques by the vegetation management authorities. In long run reactive oxygen species, were found to be deeply studied which helps to manage the vegetation. Although there are several reactive oxygen species, hydrogen peroxide is known to be the most consistent, reliable and stable which can be easily determined with simple chemical analysis. This study presents the applicability of hydrogen peroxide as an environmental stress indicator in macrophytes, which in turn helps the vegetation management to easily asses the best suitable plant condition. The relations between the hydrogen peroxide concentration of the plant tissues and the environmental stress intensity, and the hydrogen peroxide concentration and the growth rate, were measured for a submerged macrophytes Egeria densa, both in laboratory experiments and field observation. Results indicated that hydrogen peroxide, one of reactive oxygen species, becomes a suitable quantitative indicator of environmental stress exerted on submerged macrophytes.


Year: 2018

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