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Physical and Mechanical Investigations of Sea Ice Ridges in Late Summer in the Fram Strait

Author(s): Lucie Strub-Klein; Nicolas Serre; Knut Hoyland

Linked Author(s): Knut Hoyland

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Abstract: Six medium sized sea ice ridges have be investigated early September 2009 in the Fram Strait for the fourth year of a field study on multi-year ice ridges. Cross sectional drillings were made with2’’augers in order to examine the geometry and the macro porosity of ridges. The largest depth recorded was 7.76m and the highest sail measured was 1.86m. In addition, a profile of the physicalproperties of each ridge has been established. Average density, salinity and porosity in the keel were found to be respectively 945kg/m, 2.05psu and 14.27%. For the first time in that area, uniaxial compression tests have been performed at three stations. The average strength in the keel was 10.29MPa. The strength in these ridges was higher than the ones measured by Cox and Weeks (1985) and than the strength of vertically loaded samples of level ice predicted by Timco and Frederking (1990) and Moslet (2007).


Year: 2010

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