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One Season of a 1st Year Sea Ice Ridge investigation–Winter 2009

Author(s): Lucie Strub-Klein; Knut Hoyland

Linked Author(s): Knut Hoyland

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Abstract: A deformed sea ice feature (a mini firstyear ridge) was investigated in Van Mijenfjorden, Svalbard, from March, 4 th to May, 14 th 2009. Two lines of four thermistor strings were installed in the ridge. The ridge was visited 6 times and a morphological profile along the two lines and a temperature, density and salinity profile were made at each visit. Uniaxial strength tests on vertical samples were done March, 19 th, April, 1 st and April, 16 th. The ridge was 4m wide and 7m long, and seemed to be completely consolidated at the first visit. It still grew in average from 1.15 to 1.45 m. The FFD in this period was 550, and the growth fits with Stefan’s law (modified for snow depth). The level ice grew by 23cm from February 14 th to May 19 th in Svea Bay and by 25cm next by the ridge, which shows a slightly slower growth rate than the ridge. The strength measured on site ranged from 1.37MPa to 5.01MPa and fits well with the models of Timco and Frederking (1990) and Moslet (2007) for horizontal level ice samples, and this indicates that the ice feature was not rafted ice. The oceanic flux was estimated to be 21.13 W/m 2 from the first 6 weeks when the ice was growing and 33.27W/m 2 the last two weeks when the water below the ridge warmed up.


Year: 2010

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