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Effects of a Large Woody Debris Accumulation on Channel-Bed Morphology During Flood Events

Author(s): Gabriel Spreitzer; Heide Friedrich; Jon Tunnicliffe

Linked Author(s): Heide Friedrich

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Abstract: A novel experimental setup for the laboratory was designed in order to investigate large woody debris accumulations and their influence on hydraulic flow conditions and channel morphology at a river cross-section. Real wood and mobile gravel bedload material were used to simulate morphodynamic interactions in a headwater stream, based on a New Zealand prototype river. The survey methodology employs Structure from Motion techniques, using an advanced multi-camera-array. In this study we present the experimental setup and initial results from our first experiments. With this research project we aim to investigate the dynamics of jam initiation and the characteristic evolution of the jam, for a given discharge, sediment load, and distribution of woody material. Furthermore, this study will elaborate more practical and efficient methodologies for observing wood jams, both in the laboratory and in the field. The project expands current knowledge about interaction processes between flow, sediment and woody debris, which are presently poorly understood and still represent a gap in research.


Year: 2018

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