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Flow Patterns over Vegetation Patches in the Natural Channel

Author(s): Yonguk Ryu; Joongu Kang; Un Ji; Sanghwa Jung; Changlae Jang; Ellis Penning

Linked Author(s): Ellis Penning, Un Ji

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Abstract: This study carried out experiments to investigate the effects of vegetation patches of rooted willows on the flow pattern. Stream-scale experiments on vegetated flows were performed for various hydraulic conditions: emergent and submerged conditions of vegetation. Vegetation patches were arranged by alternative bar formation and the flows in vegetated and non-vegetated sections were compared. Three-dimensional flow velocity was measured by ADV (Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter) and ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler). Vertical, cross-sectional, and longitudinal velocity distributions were provided for different hydraulic conditions at various points. Flow velocities through the sparse patch were similar to those of non-vegetation area for low flow condition of emergent vegetation. Dense and submerged vegetation produced more complicated and non-uniform flows over the cross-sections of vegetation patches.


Year: 2018

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