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Hazards Due to Large Wood Accumulations: Local Scour and Backwater Rise

Author(s): Isabella Schalko; Lukas Schmocker; Volker Weitbrecht; Robert M. Boes

Linked Author(s): Volker Weitbrecht, Isabella Schalko

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Abstract: Large wood (LW) in rivers increases the flow variability and provides habitats for various species. During flood events, transported logs can accumulate at river infrastructures and increase the flood hazard. LW accumulations result in an upstream backwater rise and may increase local scour, for instance at bridge piers. Consequently, estimates of the resulting backwater rise and local scour are necessary to improve the flood hazard assessment. This study presents the findings of flume experiments with a movable bed on local scour and backwater rise due to LW accumulations. The approach flow conditions and the bed material were varied systematically for a specific LW accumulation volume. For all experiments, the initial condition for the bed material was defined as weak transport, since the bed shear stress was slightly below the critical bed shear stress for incipient motion. The inflow Froude number was identified as the governing parameter for backwater rise due to LW accumulations. The present study confirms the hypothesis that the resulting local scour reduces backwater rise. For the local scour, the unit discharge and the grain size diameter are the decisive parameters.


Year: 2018

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