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LES Modelling of a Flow Within an Infinite Array of Randomly Placed Cylinders

Author(s): Ana M. Ricardo; Dimokratis G. E. Grigoriadis; Rui M. L. Ferreira

Linked Author(s): Ana Margarida Ricardo, Rui M.L. Ferreira

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Abstract: The LES approach is employed to model flows within random arrays of emergent cylinders. The model is validated against laboratory data acquired with a 2D-2C Particle Image Velocimetry system. The main goals are: i) discussion of the effect of the numerical domain size and the grid resolution on the predicted flow variables; and ii) spatial characterization of the flow anisotropy. Three domains of different sizes (16 to 36 cylinders) and four grid resolutions were independently tested. A 2D methodology was proposed to characterize the flow anisotropy on the horizontal plane. The results show that the first and second order moments were not significantly affected by the size of the tested numerical domains or by the grid resolution. The comparison with laboratory data showed a fair agreement confirming that the numerical model was able to adequately reproduce all the components of the Reynolds stress tensor. The results show that turbulence is of axisymmetric expansion nature in this type of flow. Relatively to the degree of anisotropy, the highest values were found close to the cylinder, decreasing gradually downstream towards the isotropy state. However, a truly isotropic turbulence state is not reached.


Year: 2018

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