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Design Optimization of Permeable Sediment Traps for Fluvial Bed Load Transport

Author(s): Anita Roth; Mona Jafarnejad; Sebastian Schwindt; Anton Schleiss

Linked Author(s): Anton J. Schleiss, Sebastian Schwindt

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Abstract: Sediment traps are crucial elements for flood protection in mountain rivers with high sediment transport capacity. Existing structures often interrupt the channel connectivity. Ideally, a sediment trap should be permeable for bed load during non-hazardous floods and ensure sediment retention during hazardous discharges. A new sediment trap concept, fulfilling these requirements was recently developed and tested in a laboratory flume. A guiding channel trough the deposition area is combined with a slot check dam having an upstream bar screen with bottom clearance. This study aims to validate the proposed concept with a finer sediment mixture on an experimental set-up. Furthermore, we provide improved recommendations for bar screen design regarding minimal bar spacing and the range of applicable clearance heights. Optimal bar spacing and clearance heights of the bar screen are determined through individual tests of the bar screen with steady discharges and varying sediment supply intensity. The best performing bar screen configuration is subsequently tested in combination with a slot check dam using a flood hydrograph to simulate the influence of quasi-unsteady discharge. The proposed concept corresponds to a combined mechanical-hydraulic control and works well for a large range of grain sizes, if the bar screen is correctly adapted.


Year: 2018

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