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Phenomenological Description of Scaling Laws of Sediment Transport

Author(s): Subhasish Dey; Sk Zeeshan Ali

Linked Author(s): Subhasish Dey

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Abstract: In this paper, we seek the scaling laws of sediment transport under a turbulent flow by applying the phenomenological theory of turbulence. The results show that at the threshold of sediment motion, the densimetric Froude number follows a “ (1+σ) /4” scaling law with the relative roughness number (ratio of particle size to flow depth), whereσis the spectral exponent. For the bedload transport, the bedload transport intensity follows a “3/2” and “ (1+σ) /4” scaling laws with the transport stage function and the relative roughness, respectively. For the scour in a contracted stream, the dimensionless scour depth follows a “4/ (3–σ)”, “–4/ (3–σ)” and” scaling laws with the densimetric Froude number, the channel contraction ratio and the relative roughness, respectively.


Year: 2018

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