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LES Mesh Resolution Requirements for Particledriven Gravity Currents

Author(s): Jo Pelmard; Heide Friedrich; Stuart Norris

Linked Author(s): Heide Friedrich

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Abstract: In this study we investigate the influence of grid resolution on a near-wall resolved LES model of a lock-exchange particle-driven gravity current. The simulations are performed using the finite volume Boussinesq code SnS with a Smagorinsky turbulence model for a buoyant Reynolds number of 60,000 on 4 grid sizes. According to previous studies, two-point correlations are most appropriate to estimate LES resolution. With the largest scales of the flow being resolved by more than 20 cells, well-resolved LES is obtained for grid resolutions of 1925×62×125 and finer. In addition, in order to apply the turbulence model correctly, we show that the velocity power spectrum densities provide useful information for the maximum cell size. The ratio of the subgrid scale viscosity to the molecular viscosity and the subgrid scale shear-stress to the resolved Reynolds stress show good convergence with grid refinement. The (27) 0.3 above the current'vthe mixing layer, are chosen as threshold values, based on our evaluation study.


Year: 2018

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