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Laboratory Observations of Frazil Ice

Author(s): S. Clark; J. C. Doering

Linked Author(s): Shawn Clark, John (Jay) Doering

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Abstract: The supercooling of river water leads to active frazil ice production. This phenomenon can be detrimental to hydroelectric generating stations as active frazil can block trash racks, restricting or totally blocking the flow to the turbine. When frazil ice leads to the formation of anchor ice, the geometric and hydraulic properties of the flow can be altered. Increased staging caused by anchor ice formation in the tailrace can result in a reduction of the net operating head of the generating station. These effects can result in a significant reduction in potential revenue. Numerous field and laboratory studies of frazil ice production have been conducted in the past, although the number of published photographs of frazil ice particles is relatively small. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate several stages and shapes of frazil ice particles during their development. Observations made during experiments in the Hydraulics Research& Testing Facility at the University of Manitoba are presented. Typical results from the Digital Image Processing System (DIPS) used to analyze frazil ice production are also presented.


Year: 2002

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